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SEminar for This Month (January 2012)

 投稿者:Mariaメール  投稿日:2012年 1月 4日(水)14時27分14秒
  Dear all lab members (cc: Masuda-sensei)

First of all, let me take this opportunity to say happy new year for all of you,
thank you for every kind help you gave for me in a past year and i wish you have a blessed new year.
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Anyway, through this email i do also want to inform all lab members about seminar schedule for our lab.
For up coming Tuesday (January 10th) there would be no seminar due to the oral presentation for doctoral dissertation of Ota-san.
And after the oral presentation, we probably will have new year party for our lab (for the detail informations, Phuong-san will inform us latter).
For 17th & 24th January seminar are mentioned bellow:

17th January (Tuesday)
Presenters: Jia-san and Li-san (English, pracatice for their final oral presentation of Master Thesis)
                  Munawar-san (English, on his research work)
Place and time : F-507, 18:15-
Moderator : Thu-Anh san

24th January (Tuesday)
Presenters: Aizawa-san and Koide-san (Japanese, practice for their final oral presentation of Master Thesis)
                 Shiga-san (japanese, Practice for the oral presentation of her Doctoral Dissertation)
Place and time : F-507, 18:15-
Moderator : Nagahama-san

These all i can inform you for now, and for other members who wish to make a pesentation for this month please inform me in advance.
In that case, I will try to arrange one more seminar schedule in January 19th(Thursday) for you.




20th December seminar

 投稿者:Mariaメール  投稿日:2011年12月19日(月)11時44分15秒
  Dear all lab members (cc:Masuda-sensei)

I would like to inform you that tomorrow (December 20th) we will have seminar in Japanese.

The presenters will be:

Ota-san (on his dissertation)

Chiba-san&Yazawa-san (on their final paper)

Moderator: Nagahama-san would you please be a moderator for tomorrow seminar?If it is trouble you please let me know.

The time and place for seminar are mentioned bellow:

Time: 18:00


And for your information,tomorrow seminar will be the last seminar for this year.

For up coming January i have not fixed the seminar schedule yet.

Because i have to confirm Masuda-sensei schedule first

However for them who wish to make a presentation in up coming January please make a contact with me,

through this email address or talk directly to me.

Finally, for all lab members who can understand Japanese please take a place in tomorrow seminar.

Thank you very much.




Lab seminar for December 8th

 投稿者:Mariaメール  投稿日:2011年12月 5日(月)15時45分52秒
  Dear all (cc: Masuda-sensei)

This is the information of our lab seminar.

As I mentioned in previous email, for this month (December) we only have three days available for lab seminar,

6th,8th and 20th December.

However, the number of presenters are very limited so for tomorrow there will be no semiar.

The next seminar will be 8th December, with the presenters:

Li-sanand Jia-san (??): (on their research work).

The time and place are mentioned bellow:

Time: 15:30-(tentative schedule, i will try to arrange again latter based on Masuda-sensei's schedule)

Place: F507

Moderator:Phuong-san, would you mind to help me to be a moderator for the seminar?

That's all i can inform you now, and if you feel inconvenient with this schedule please inform me through email or talk directly to me.

Once again thank you for every kind cooperation.




Seminar for 29th November 2011

 投稿者:201121320メール  投稿日:2011年11月28日(月)10時32分19秒
  Dear all lab members (cc: Masuda-sensei)

I just want to remind all members that tomorrow(November 29th) we will have lab seminar as usual.
The seminar room and time are mentioned bellow:

Seminar room : F507
Time  : 18:15~

For tomorrow, there will be 2 presenters:
Phuong-san & Deegii-san (each 12 minutes , preparation for JDS presentation in English)
Moderator: Koide-san would you help me to be a moderator tomorrow?if it is incovinience you please let me know.

And finally, I hope all members can take a part  in this seminar.
Thank you for every cooperations and see you tomorrow.

Warm regards,


Seminar on 10th

 投稿者:Anakura  投稿日:2011年 3月 9日(水)18時15分12秒
  Dear all

The seminar on 10th (tomorrow) will be held as below.

Date: 10th March (Thu)
Time: 17:30
Place: F507
Presenters: Li(15 min), Anakura(15 min)
Language: English

Thank you.

Seminar on 21st

 投稿者:Anakura  投稿日:2010年12月20日(月)13時10分26秒
  Dear all

Seminar on 21st will be held with following program.

Time: 18:15-18:35(Presentation), 18:35-19:05(Discussion)
Place: F507
Presenter: Li-san
Language: English

The time and the place is as usual in the end.
I'm sorry for making opening time of year-end party late...

Thank you.

Cancellation of presentation on 21st

 投稿者:Anakura  投稿日:2010年12月20日(月)13時06分2秒
  Dear all

I'd like to cancel my presentation at the seminar on 21st.
Because I have not made my presentation reach enough one to be presented.

I'd like to apologize for this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Seminar on 21st

 投稿者:Anakura  投稿日:2010年12月16日(木)14時29分26秒
  Dear all

Seminar on 21st will be opened at 17:00 evening.

And the place of the seminar will be changed.
I'll announce about it later.

Thank you...

Seminar on 14th (tomorrow)

 投稿者:Anakura  投稿日:2010年12月13日(月)14時12分58秒
  Dear all

The seminar will be held with following schedule tomorrow.
(Omitting titles from name)

Presenter (Presentation time): Koide(20), Jia(20)
Discussion time: 30 minutes for each presenter

The time and the place is as usual.

Thank you...

No seminar on 7th

 投稿者:Anakura  投稿日:2010年12月 6日(月)16時47分50秒
  Dear all

We will have no seminar tomorrow (7th).
I'm sorry for my postponing...

Next seminar will be held on 14th.

Thank you.